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“Hic sunt dracones.”
(Here be dragons.)

- The Hunt–Lenox Globe

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 Something wicked this way comes...

...and you cannot be sure whether it is truly wicked. It brings to mind bedtime stories and half remembered myths but now it’s in your neighbourhood. You may know them as changelings, they call themselves Abgotten.  

Once they were regarded as demigods, heroes, and mythical monsters but now they are often thought of as demon spawn, fairy children or alien offspring. Seldom understood they are born of Druden, Geists of dreams and imagination. Forced to live out their lives, not entirely fitting in with humans. Some become true monsters while others are made folk devils. From the wolf-like Isengrim to the giant-like Titanthrope, changelings are the most varied Latents there is for each one is born with a Nature that defines their chimerical side.


 Modern Abgotten society consists primarily of seven   unions known as Mythoi that formed after the   breaking of the Courts. The Courts were   authoritarian groups controlled by changeling  nobles   who ruled over the commoners until the revolution,   occurring as a result of the First World War. 

The Mythoi consist of the College of Grimms, the   Speculum of Nod, the Accolade of Ancients, the Aegis   of the Limens, the Clock-keeper Heresy (debatable), the Orci Clan   and the Miasmatic Broods. While international groups   in theory, they work on a more local level through   their various chapters. 

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 A waif is a changeling that is not a member of any of the Mythoi, commonly regarded as   being lost and alone lacking support or guidance, akin to an orphan. 


“The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned...”

- William Bulter Yeats

 The College of Grimms consists of scholars, librarians and historians akin to the wizards   and wise folk of fairy tales (though not actually capable of magic). Having took it upon   themselves to record changeling history they hold in their possession the largest   collection of literature and documentation regarding their kind, holding fairy tales and   myths in as a high of a regard as factual accounts. 

  The Speculum of Nod worship the diabolic goddess the Rye Mother and embodying   the image of folkloric witches (as distinct from actual magical folk). Embracing   criminality and sin in equal measure; they are what happens when freedom and   hedonism go to far. The average Noddite chapter is involved in drugs and prostitution. 

The Accolade of Ancients embody traditional heroes in myths and fairy tales, such as   the gallant knight and the noble prince. Unfortunately, truth is crueller than fiction, for   they are not exempt from greed and zealousness. While they were once bound by   codes of honour and valour, they are now little more than assassins for hire. 

The Aegis of the Limens epitomise beastly guardians such as dragons and Cerberus.   Traditionally regarded as monsters by the Accoladians, the truth is there are places in   this world that people should not go and the Aeginarians protect these locations, these   limens. The unfortunate truth though is they are not immune from being corrupted by   the places that they guard. 

The Orci Clan are comparable to the savage beasts seen in fairy tales and myths such   as the giant and the ogre. Tribalistic, single minded and unforgiving, they claim to be the   hammer of justice; making themselves the judge, jury and often the executioner. They   take every law and edict of their society very seriously, enforcing it even against the   members of other Mythoi. 

The Miasmatic Broods consists entirely of Trolls, changelings corrupted by misery and   hatred. Hated by pretty much all the other Mythoi, they seek nothing but the suffering   and destruction; whether its lives or the planet itself. Wholly pacifistic, if not cowardly,   they do not believe in violence because murder is not their aim, prolonged torment is. 

The Clock-keeper Heresy are a rumour, a whisper on the wind. No one knows if they truly exist, regarded as infiltrators and tricksters. Stories vary on whether they manipulate others for the greater good, their own benefit or just for fun. Their name is one often pondered over as well with much speculation between those inclined to such discussions. Some pretend to be of the Heresy without actually being a Clock-keeper which only muddies the waters further.


 Aside from the Speculum of Nod controlling its turfs for criminal activities, the Mythoi   don’t really claim physical domains for this is seen as a practice of the Courts and so   generally avoided. The most they tend to have are hearths, that is homes and   headquarters for themselves or their chapters. While the Aeginarians do claim control   over limens, they also keep these as their hearths. 

What chapters will fight over though is becoming a hegemon, that is the group that can   influence the dreamers of a particular location known as a dream belt. Being a   hegemon allows the chapter greater supernatural power inside their dream belt. A   dream belt cannot have more than one hegemon though a dream belt can become   larger via a hegemon expanding their influence. 


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