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HHarrowed World, a dark unforgiving place that is home to supernatural creatures such as vampires, magical folk and spirits. Harrowed World is a supernatural horror setting, a dark reflection of the real world.   Harrowed World | Alex Burton | Shop | Watch | Read | Learn More


“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

- William Shakespeare


A dark and twisted version of our world where the supernatural exists just below the surface. Vampires, magical folk, and other beings exist in a constant struggle for power and influence. Through sinister cabals and insatiable corporate empires these creatures hold sway over human society. 


Ordinary people live in blissful ignorance of the dark forces at work around them. Follow these supernatural beings through a grim dystopian atmosphere filled with gothic horror and a tangled web of morality where peril lurks around every corner.


It's time to believe in monsters.

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Meet Alex Burton, the creative mastermind behind Harrowed World. His love for storytelling led him to begin creating the setting in 2013, which he has been tirelessly developing ever since. Harrowed World is an ever-expanding and immersive setting, constantly breathing with life and enriched with new levels of detail.


Growing up in the UK, Alex's surroundings and experiences have heavily influenced his storytelling. While he plans to take readers on adventures all over the world and he strives to tell stories that resonate with people worldwide, he remains unapologetically true to his roots.


With a computing degree under his belt, he founded Pennyvale Media, a multi-faceted publisher to release books and other content.


In late 2022, Alex embarked on an exciting new venture, his first ever video game, under the working title Project Nightowl. This project is just the latest example of his passion for storytelling and his willingness to experiment with different mediums.


Known for his eccentric and creative personality, Alex brings a unique perspective that makes his work unique.

About The Author


Hopefully this section answers any questions you might have about Harrowed World. If you need further clarification or have additional enquiries, feel free to reach out via the contact form or

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