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About the Book


Book contains content that may not be appropriate for younger readers – reader discretion  is advised.


"It’s our history and it’s written in blood, often our own. Across nations, cultures, and continents and throughout history, we are one. That's what it means to be a margus."


Estelle Robinson is a starving artist trying to make a living from her art despite her parents’ disapproval. ‘Wormwood Rising’ is her latest piece, based on a recurring dream she been having but she’s about to learn there’s more to this dream than meets the eye. Her life changes forever after meeting a mysterious stranger, the caretaker of the art gallery that is trying to sell her painting. Will she embrace the spark inside herself, and will it burn her to do so?


"Alex (Burton) has a gift for creating original characters, unique worlds, and enchanting storylines that are memorable to listeners and readers."

– W.L. Walker; Voiceover Narrator and Voice of YouTube's "Creeparoni"


In a world much like our own where modern technology is but a tool for ancient evil. In the darkness creatures and secret societies dwell and conspire while mega-corporations dominate the light. The unseen vampires, magical folk, and other beings of this world, hide amongst the mostly clueless human masses while manipulating and controlling them for their own benefit. Learn More.

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