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“To be haunted is to glimpse a truth that might best be hidden.”

- James Herbert

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 Something wicked this way comes...

...and it has no body. What manner of spirit is this? Who can say? There is so many kinds of Geist, from divinities to ghosts.

Since the dawn of time (and some would say before) there has been spirit beings, creatures without any form of body. Over eons more Geists have formed whether it was from the death of living beings or from belief in deities and other entities. The globe is littered with myths of the noble deceased, the wicked dead, the divine and the diabolic. The young make imaginary friends and fear for what might lurk below their beds. People jump at shadows and tell of old gods made into fairies.


There are many types of Geists, possibly more than even Latents know about. The most common kinds of Geists are: 

• Umbrates which are the shades of Vespertine, they are responsible for the existence   of vampires and without them they wouldn’t be able to continue to exist at all. 

• Grimalkins which are the Geist animals created by Margus as pets, guardians, and familiars. 

• Druden which are the Geists of death and dreams that come from Drudenhiem. All   changelings are half Druden. 

• Lumeia which were worshipped by the inhabitations of the Lost City of Edinnu and   they cursed their worshippers when they sided with the Asuries in the Divine War. 

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“Man is certainly stark mad; he cannot make a worm, and yet he will be making gods by dozens.”

- Montaigne

Possession occurs when a Geist enters a body, either living or dead.   Possession of the living is usually voluntary as involuntary possession generally requires   a deviant to control the process. Extended possession is a dangerous proposition since   it damages the mental faculties of the living and in the dead, it causes rot. 

Umbrates and vampires participate in their own form of Geistic possession known   as umbral channelling where the vampire welcomes one or more Umbrates into their   body in order to increase their power but over time it makes them dependent on their   presence. 

Geistic possession of changelings is rare since they themselves are half Geist   and the existence of an external spirit in their body can cause their bodies to tear   apart. 

Magical folk have extra resilience to the ill effects of possession than the average   human and will experience no such effects from allowing their grimalkin to possess   them since they are in a way apart of themselves. 

Skinchangers cannot be possessed since they are themselves spiritual creatures   clinging to the skins of humans and animals. Its important to note that a skinchanger   could not possess a full body in the way a proper Geist can. 

Beholders have no additional resilience to the unpleasant effects of possession than   other humans though they are better at sensing its impact on them. 

Geists can be cast out and while a religious exorcism (Christian or otherwise) is very   much possible, it relies not on the power of a deity but in the faith and conviction   (religious or otherwise) of the exorcist. A confident atheist has more chance of casting   out Geists than a priest having a crisis of faith. 


The spiritual reality of Geists is a large and complicated place that does not follow any laws of logic or physics that humans have come to expect.


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