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Annoyingly Complicated Techy Stuff and a Headless Chicken

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

A number of errors were detected with the registration systems (annoyingly complicated techy stuff) and automations (slightly less annoyingly complicated techy stuff) on the Harrowed World website.

Work (running around like a headless chicken) has been performed in an effort to fix the errors and mitigate the effects on the end users (that's you!) and everything appears to be functioning much better (the bonfire seems to be under control, the metaphorical kind, not the kind that destroys hard drives).

Apologises for any confusion or inconvenience caused by any errors (confusion is mutual). One of the errors is that upon registration the welcome email was not triggering but this should now be functioning correctly (yay?).

Pennyvale Media remains committed to maintaining and improving the Harrowed World website. If you spot any more errors, you are free to send the details on the contact form or raise the error on the community forum.

Oh yeah, we have a blog now, blogs are cool.

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