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Artistic Philosophy in Vampire Visual Novel Creation

Artistic Philosophy in Vampire Visual Novel Creation

Hello, I am Alex Burton, the creator of Harrowed World, as well as the writer and executive producer on ‘Harrowed World: What’s Past Is Portents’, a mesmerising vampire visual novel set to unfold through multiple short captivating narratives. This project sets the stage for the enthralling vampire RPG video game, 'Harrowed World: Portents In Red’, currently in development.


With the completion of the artwork for the first story drawing near, I find it fitting to delve into the artistic philosophy underpinning the entire project.


This philosophy can be distilled into three pillars of equal significance: 'Introduce Harrowed World,' 'Dark Gothic Styling,' and 'Haunting Storytelling.'


Introduce Harrowed World

Harrowed World is a setting over a decade in the making with a whole host of factions, and creatures in it. Rather than overwhelming audiences with an abundance of lore, the goal is to seed the setting in their minds—a foundational understanding that beckons further exploration.


Dark Gothic Styling

I've wholeheartedly embraced a dark gothic aesthetic, a deliberate choice born from a profound commitment to ensuring that the visual style harmonises seamlessly with the intricate narratives of each story and the rich tapestry of the Harrowed World setting.

Haunting Storytelling

'Harrowed World: What’s Past Is Portents' is set to immerse players in haunting and profound storylines. These tales, although often dark, transcend mere gloominess. Instead of aiming to shock or terrify, the intention is to prompt contemplation, encouraging players to reflect on the deeper meanings embedded in the narratives. Vampires, typically cast as simplistic monsters, are portrayed here with relatability, serving as metaphors for real-world entities.


As the artwork progresses admirably, expect to witness sneak peeks in the coming weeks. Upon its completion, the focus will shift to acquiring the music for the first story and finalising the nearly completed programming.


Once the visual novel is completed, some final testing will need to be conducted, before being submitted to Steam for approval. After the game receives the green light for release, a concrete launch date can be confidently confirmed. Exploring the potential for console releases will be undertaken at a later date.


‘Harrowed World: What’s Past Is Portents’ will launch later this year with ‘Issac’s Story’. Further stories are slated to be released as a free updates.


Stay informed about the visual novel's progress and other Harrowed World ventures by subscribing to our free newsletter. Enjoy exclusive early access to information and other perks. The night is ours to conquer, and we shall do so together.

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