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Dark Secrets Revealed: Unravelling the Plot of Harrowed World: Portents In Red

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

(Please note that the video was created and released before the final title for the game was chosen and announced)

Ah, so you're curious about the plot of Harrowed World: Portents In Red (Working Title: Project Nightowl)? But beware, curiosity may have its consequences.

While much of the plot remains under wraps at this early stage, what I can reveal is that the player will start as a newly turned vampire on their way to an island off the UK mainland. When you awaken, you will find yourself alone with no idea of who turned you and faced with immediate danger. With supernatural and mundane disturbances wreaking havoc on the island, the authorities have descended in full force, determined to quell the chaos.

Avoid conflict with the officers and soldiers and keep your true nature hidden while investigating mysteries, completing tasks, interacting with other vampires, and possibly even encountering other supernatural creatures. Think of the storyline as a living, breathing entity that will continue to change and evolve until the game is ready for launch.

Naturally, this information has resided on the Portents In Red main page for some time. If you're hungry for the tantalising details and hidden truths, everything you seek can be found there, neatly compiled for your convenience.

Harrowed World: Portents In Red is my brainchild. Me and my gradually shaping team are bringing this project to life. Dedicating ourselves to every single detail, but we need your support to make it a reality. Please share it with your friends and family, and if you can, support the project directly by purchasing merchandise from the Harrowed World store or by leaving a tip.

The darkness awaits, and we're just getting started. Your support means everything to us. I'm excited to share more with you as more progress is made, and I hope you'll share PHarrowed World: Portents In Red with others. Stay up to date with the latest news by visiting the Portents In Red main page and make sure to like and share this news article.


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