Pulled into Darkness – The Beginnings Of My Obsession With The Supernatural

Do you want to hear how I was pulled into darkness and made it my own? Be warned all who enter here for this is how my obsession with the supernatural began.

So, it all started in my last year of high school when I picked up a copy of the video game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. It was based on the tabletop roleplaying game Vampire: The Masquerade from the 90s and I became enthralled by its depiction of a world with hidden supernatural creatures. From here I delved into other supernatural works in multiple mediums. It compelled me to read classics such as Dracula and Frankenstein as well as watch movies like Nosfeartu and 30 Days of Night. I went onto watch TV shows such as Lucifer and Grimm as well as play video games like Vampyr and Murdered: Soul Suspect, where you a play a ghost. My interests have drawn me into folklore and mythology which I have spent significant time researching from the British redcap and the Greek Icarus to the penanggalan of Southeast Asia and the Hindu Vetala.

A lot of it I liked but there was a fair bit I didn’t like as well, which is what spurred my decision to begin developing my own fictional setting. I started working on in it in 2013, initially under the name ‘the Fallen World of Paranormals’, beginning as both a love letter to and a critique of supernatural works. Working on it alongside my studies at college and university it expanded and changed into the setting it is today. Along the way it was renamed twice once to ‘Terror Firma’ and finally to ‘Harrowed World’. The way I approached the setting evolved over time as well from its humble beginnings as a writing blog (no longer available) to setting up my own business to publish my writing.

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