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“That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.”

- H.P. Lovecraft

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 Something wicked this way comes...

...and you cannot be sure whether it is alive or dead. It's beautiful and terrifying. Its alluring face hides a multitude of sins. It feasts upon life in order to extend its own. You know them as vampires, they call themselves Vetostryx.

For centuries untold vampires have been dreaded as marauding children of the night – every culture has tales of terrible monsters emerging from the darkness to steal babies from their cradles and drain life from the innocent. Vampires are also creatures of immeasurable desire, lethal beauty, and predacious sensuality. The most significant trait all vampires share, though, is their coils. More important than any obligations or loyalties they may have is their unavoidable thirst. For each new Legacy (vampiric bloodline) the curse begins anew.


 Modern vampiric society is dominated by three   huge international monolithic organisations known   as Commonwealths; Draco Invictus, the Society of   Masks and the Stygian Brotherhood. Each of these   groups has a multitude of subgroups known as   Estates. Set up during the age of the British Empire,   they have fought for dominance ever since.  

Outsiders are known as peregrines, many of them   are drifters, travelling from place to place and owing   fealty to no one though there are a few isolated   pales that are controlled by peregrines. 

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 Before the Commonwealths there were a multitude of other institutions across the   centuries of varying sizes and power.  


“Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.”

- Niccolo Machiavelli

 Draco Invictus are the followers of tradition which while severe and rigid have protected   their kind for centuries, and they revere their almost mythical founder who they refer to   as the Dragon. 

The Society of Masks are the masters of pantomime and pretence; known for their   masked balls and their backstage clubs, vampiric hellfire clubs that participate in great   debauchery behind closed doors while keeping up a shallow façade elsewhere. 

The Stygian Brotherhood are the bogeymen’s bogeymen, who seek power and control   through fear and animalistic brutality. 


 A pale is a portion of land, often an urban area, that is controlled by a vanguard. A   vanguard is neither formally elected or given the land by right, instead a Vetostryx   aiming for the position must claim the title and will only be formally granted it if there   are no other claimants. Should there be multiple claimants they must have a duel to the   death and the survivor will become the vanguard. The ability to have a claim relies not   on position per say, though it is generally held by someone of high rank in both their   Commonwealth and Estate, it relies more on their influence and support they have in   vampiric society and among the oblate populace. 

Vanguards are generally speaking either of Draconists (members of Draco Invictus) or   Maskers (members of the Society of Masks), rarely do you see a peregrine vanguard   though it’s not entirely unknown. All Vetostryx regardless of Commonwealth are   expected to give their fealty to the vanguard of their particular pale. That is not to say   that they will not play politics and try to have them replaced, they just won't openly   attack them, be seen to disobey them or publicly seek to have them removed. 

The Stygian Brotherhood reject the idea of vanguards and their apparent authority,   instead they follow apexes, vampiric warlords who keep power not through fealty and   decorum but fear and brutality. The domain of an apex is not referred to as a pale   instead it is known as a tract, these tend to be more rural locations and poorer areas. 


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