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Harrowed World, a dark unforgiving place that is home to supernatural creatures such as vampires, magical folk and spirits. Harrowed World is a supernatural horror setting, a dark reflection of the real world.   Harrowed World | Alex Burton | Shop | Watch | Read | Learn More


A dark and twisted version of our world where the supernatural exists just below the surface. Vampires, magical folk, and other beings exist in a constant struggle for power and influence. Through sinister cabals and insatiable corporate empires these creatures hold sway over human society.

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Greetings child of the night, want to join an awesome vampire and supernatural themed community?

Join the Harrowed World community to engage in both HW and non-HW discussions and interact with fellow harrowlings.

This is the official server of all Harrowed World titles including ‘Harrowed World: What’s Past Is Portents’ the dark gothic vampire visual novel, and ‘Harrowed World: Portents In Red’, the vampire RPG.

Seize the incredible opportunity to be part of our close-knit and growing community, where the ambiance is dark and mysterious, yet remarkably kind and supportive.

Don't miss out on becoming a valued member of our unique community!

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