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Harrowed World is a 'grimgothic' setting combining gothic trappings and aesthetics with a grim dystopian atmosphere. This world is much like the one we know; the same countries exist and the same sorts of people live here but there is more below the surface. Supernatural creatures and monolithic secret societies puppeteer from the shadows while megacorporations dominate the light. 

Harrowed World, a dark unforgiving place that is home to supernatural creatures such as vampires, magical folk and spirits. Harrowed World is a supernatural horror setting, a dark reflection of the real world.   Harrowed World | Alex Burton | Shop | Watch | Read | Learn More
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"Alex Burton [the creator of Harrowed World] was a pleasure to work with on his original story 'Wormwood Rising'. In addition to his professional demeanor, Alex has a gift for creating original characters, unique worlds, and enchanting storylines that are memorable to listeners and readers. I recommend Alex Burton for his originality and commitment to teamwork in the collaboration process. Not only is his content special, his attitude and diligence are remarkable as well."

W.L. Walker

Voiceover Narrator and Voice of YouTube's "Creeparoni"

"The website really rocks! And the stories keep me on my toes and with your voice, the way you express words when telling the story is very entertaining. When you become famous don’t forget about us little guys! Catch you later!"

Keely M. VanDuzee

Star of YouTube's "Art with Keely V"

"I've known Alex (the creator of Harrowed World) for several years. Watching his growth as a person and a writer is a journey I will never forget. Working with him for his logos and some of the art for his writing is always a fun and exciting adventure. He always strives to improve and it shows in every story he comes up with. He has fantastic and fresh originality that always keeps you on the edge of your seat."

Erin Blakley

Writer and Voice of YouTube's "Tales of the Solstice"