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The Nights To Come – What’s Next for Harrowed World: Portents In Red

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Harrowed World: Portents In Red (formerly known as Project Nightowl) is an RPG video game currently in development. We have recently taken a momentous step by opening a Steam page, inviting you to wishlist the game. This immersive game will be set in the enigmatic Harrowed World, allowing you to assume the role of a freshly turned vampire.

But what's next for Harrowed World: Portents In Red?

The creation of a remarkable game, like this one, demands time, dedication, and a dash of the supernatural. The path ahead is a winding one, filled with unforeseen twists and turns, and there's still a considerable amount of hard work awaiting us.

We choose not to be bound by rigid expectations or arbitrary deadlines, for game development, like a symphony, is an art that ebbs and flows with the creative process. However, we're excited to share our plan to release a free playable demo approximately one year from now. As this demo garners feedback and insights, we will meticulously refine the game and contemplate a full release date.

Over the coming year, our dedicated team will continue to enhance the solid foundation we've laid for the game. You can expect a gradual unveiling of new developments and improvements as we embark on this extraordinary journey.

Now, you might be wondering how you can contribute.

First and foremost, we invite you, if you haven't already, to wishlist the game on Steam. The greater the number of wishlists, the more Steam recognises the game's potential and aids in boosting its visibility. Your wishlists not only also expand our potential reach but also bolsters our motivation. You can find the Steam page here.

Secondly, we kindly request that you share the game with your friends and family and spread the word through your social media networks. Word of mouth remains the most potent catalyst for growth.

We extend our heartfelt thanks for your unwavering support! As we journey through the darkness, remember to keep the shadows close and the mysteries closer.

Alex Burton

– Creator of Harrowed World, and Project Lead and Writer on Portents In Red


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