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Crafting the Perfect Vampire: Character Creation & Dialogue System in Harrowed World Portents In Red

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

(Please note that the video was created and released before the final title for the game was chosen and announced)

Harrowed World: Portents In Red (Working Title: Project Nightowl) is an RPG video game, in the initial phases of development. It's set in Harrowed World and will allow players to experience the perspective of a newly transformed vampire.

Despite the unfinished UI and the use of placeholder models and environment design, substantial strides have been made in other aspects of the project. One of the top priorities is creating a character creation system that is both intuitive and powerful. Crafting a unique and compelling character is essential to any RPG, and I’m committed to making this process as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

While the model editor isn’t ready to be showcased, major developments have occurred in other areas of character creation that will allow players to craft their vampire character to their tastes. Players will be able set the level of their traits, including charisma, stealth, and occult. With four categories of traits, and a total of five points to spend on each, players will be able customise their character to suit their playstyle.

But that's not all! I’ve also implemented a Legacy selector, which will allow players to choose from a variety of vampiric bloodlines. Each Legacy comes with a Carrion Art based on its type – a powerful vampiric ability that can turn the tide in your favour. But be warned, each Legacy is set to have its own specific advantage and disadvantage, and the attitude towards your particular Legacy is set to alter how your character is perceived by their vampiric peers, so choose wisely!

And it doesn't stop there – players can also select two additional Carrion Arts to complement their chosen Legacy. With so many options available, players will be able to create a truly unique and powerful vampire character. Players will be able to name their character with the freedom to make or alter their choice at any point during character creation.

The brand-new dialogue system is set to form a fundamental part of NPC interactions and become an integral part of gameplay. Though it still requires some fine-tuning and polishing, the functional base is already in place and ready to pave the way for further innovations. This system is already capable of handling multiple NPCs and offers branching dialogue paths that are rarely seen in modern games. The aim is for players' dialogue choices to have a significant impact, altering the outcome of tasks and influencing their reputation among specific factions.

Harrowed World: Portents In Red is my labour of love, and as its lone developer, I'm putting all of my energy into making it a success. Creating this type of game usually requires a vast team, so I need your support to bring it to fruition. Please help me create interest in the project and Harrowed World as a whole by sharing it with your friends and family, and if possible, support me directly by purchasing items from the Harrowed World store or by leaving a tip.

The night is alive with possibilities, and we're here to seize them all. Thank you for your support of Harrowed World: Portents In Red. Together, we can make this game a reality and create an unforgettable experience. Please like and share this blog article and visit the Portents In Red main page for more.


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