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Get ready to unleash your inner vampire! Project Nightowl is the working title of a single player RPG video game currently in development set inside the Harrowed World setting.


As a newly turned vampire, you'll discover the intricate web of power struggles and deadly rivalries that govern vampire society, where danger is everywhere, and trust is a rare commodity. Uncover the force that has awoken under the island while keeping your true nature hidden from the unsuspecting mortals around you.


Step into Harrowed World, a dark and twisted version of our world where the supernatural exists just below the surface. Vampires, magical folk, and other beings exist in a constant struggle for power and influence. Through sinister cabals and insatiable corporate empires these creatures hold sway over human society. 


Ordinary people live in blissful ignorance of the dark forces at work around them. Follow these supernatural beings through a grim dystopian atmosphere filled with gothic horror and a tangled web of morality where peril lurks around every corner.


It's time to believe in monsters.

Development Stage 1: Fundamental Systems


Dialogue System


Feeding and Abilities


Combat and Traits


Basic NPC Behaviour


Character Creation (Minus Model Editor)


Tasks System (Quests)


Backpack and
Obtainable Items


Additional Systems


Basic UI Design


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In Development Now

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Currently planned for a full digital PC release, with the potential for console and physical releases down the line. Full controller and keyboard support is planned to be available from launch. The hope is to provide full mod support for the game, which will extend the game's lifespan exponentially, allowing you to customize and tweak to your heart's content.


Although the focus is on delivering the best single-player experience possible, a multiplayer mode may be possible in the future, allowing players to embrace their vampiric nature with friends. With everything still up in the air until release, there's no telling what the future holds for this thrilling new game but one thing's for sure – this is a game you won't want to miss.


While much of the plot remains under wraps at this early stage, what I can reveal is that the player will start as a newly turned vampire on their way to an island off the UK mainland. When you awaken, you will find yourself alone with no idea of who turned you and faced with immediate danger. With supernatural and mundane disturbances wreaking havoc on the island, the authorities have descended in full force, determined to quell the chaos.


Avoid conflict with the officers and soldiers and keep your true nature hidden while investigating mysteries, completing tasks, interacting with other vampires, and possibly even encountering other supernatural creatures. Think of the storyline as a living, breathing entity that will continue to change and evolve until the game is ready for launch.

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Character Creation Image.png

Creating a unique and compelling character is essential to any RPG. The plan is for a sophisticated character creation system that allows you to craft the perfect vampire character to suit your tastes. You are set to be able to fully customise your character’s appearance and clothing but that’s not all!


Choose your Legacy – the vampiric bloodline that runs through your veins – and select two Carrion Arts – powerful supernatural abilities that allow you to manipulate the world around you. But be warned, each Legacy is set to have its own specific advantage and disadvantage, and the attitude towards your particular Legacy is set to alter how your character is perceived by their vampiric peers, so choose wisely!


With endless possibilities at your fingertips, you'll have the power to shape your character into the ultimate predator of the night. While hard work is being put into bringing you the best possible character creation experience, it’s not possible to guarantee that everything is set in stone until the game's release.


Project Nightowl will be an RPG video game that will immerse players in a dark and supernatural world, where they take on the role of a newly transformed vampire. To survive in this world, players must keep their vampiric nature a secret or face dire consequences.


To progress, players will undertake various tasks that offer XP and other rewards. Some tasks will be mandatory, while others will be optional. Players will have the freedom to complete tasks in multiple different ways, making each playthrough unique and varied. Unlike many video games, players won't earn XP by mindlessly killing enemies or innocents. Instead, players will have to be strategic and creative in how they complete each task.


Dialogues are planned to be more than just mindless chit-chat, with every choice potentially having a significant impact on the outcome of a task or altering their reputation with a particular faction.


Gameplay Image.png

While combat will be a key feature of the game, it will not always be necessary or advisable. Public areas will have guards, police officers or soldiers who will attack if you act violently, and supernatural acts will draw the attention of Beholders – that is humans who can sense the supernatural.


The game is set to feature an open-world map set on an island with a thematic weather system, including plenty of rain, with the possibility of underground sections. The game's transportation system is set to include a variety of legal and illegal options, giving players an assortment of choices to travel around the map. The plan is to have as few loading screens as possible to maintain immersion, though loading screens will likely be necessary for fast travel.


As the game is constantly evolving so is the gameplay. As a result, it’s not possible to promise that everything presented here will be final.


The UI (user interface) for Project Nightowl is more than just a functional tool to navigate the game –   it's a part of the immersive experience. The aim is to create a UI that not only looks sleek and modern, but also stays true to the game's unique atmosphere and style. Expect an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that seamlessly blends form and function.


Below are some UI mock-ups and images of early UI drafts showcasing the intended feel of the UI, but it’s still in its rough and experimental stages. Keep in mind that any images used are simply placeholders, and as development progresses, there may be more mock-ups to come.


As of now, the main priority is to create a basic functional UI, which we can then be enhanced and improved later development.


The news articles and accompanying videos for Project Nightowl are a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes information and insights into the development of the game. These articles provide an intimate look into the creative process, showcasing the thought and care that goes into every aspect of the game. From concept art to level design to character creation, these updates are a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of Project Nightowl. So come along for the ride and join along on this thrilling game development journey!


Are you excited about Project Nightowl and can't wait to share your thoughts and ideas with others? Join the community and start discussing the game with other passionate harrowlings in the forum!


By participating in the community forum, you'll have a unique opportunity to directly influence the development of the game and help make it the best it can be. Don't miss out on the chance to help shape the future of Project Nightowl by getting involved in the community today.


Harrowed World doesn't end with Project Nightowl. You can look forward to even more dark tales and hidden secrets in this expansive setting through various mediums. And you’re free to discuss all things Harrowed World in the community forum!

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If you're excited about Project Nightowl and want to support the game’s development, there are a few ways you can get involved. While pre-orders aren't available yet, your support now can make a huge difference in helping to bring this exciting project to life.


Firstly, you can show your support by browsing the Harrowed World store and picking up some cool merchandise or by leaving a tip. Secondly, you can spread the word about the game to your friends and family, and on social media.


And finally, keep an eye out for future opportunities to contribute to the development of the game. One thing currently being explored is the possibility of offering a monthly paid subscription that would give you access to exclusive goodies and perks, as well as early access upon release, for both Project Nightowl and other aspects of Harrowed World. If there's enough interest in the project, this could become a reality in the future.


Every little bit helps, so thank you for your support for this project. Get ready to sink your fangs into a thrilling and immersive vampire RPG experience with Project Nightowl. Are you ready to unleash your inner vampire?

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Join the Project Nightowl team as a Game Artist!

Because of the themes of the game, all applicants must be 18 years of age or older.


While monetary compensation is unable to be offered at this time, it is a great opportunity to add to your portfolio, gain valuable experience, and work on an exciting project that has the potential for success.

We also want to make it clear that any work done will be owned by Pennyvale Media, but you will be credited for your work, and it can be used in your portfolio.


In the event that Project Nightowl is successful, and the business is stable, Pennyvale Media aims to offer certain unpaid team members full-time paid positions.

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Game Not Yet Rated. May Contain Content Inappropriate For Children.
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