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Vampire RPG Video Game Project Nightowl in early development

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Project Nightowl is the working title of a vampire video game currently in the early stages of development.

The game is intended to be a vampire RPG with a visual realisation of the grimgothic setting of Harrowed World complete with gothic styling and a grim dystopian atmosphere.

Project Nightowl now has its own page on the Harrowed World website here and as updates and additional material are made available, they will either be published on this page or as part of a blog article and accompanying video. Project Nightowl blog articles will be available from this page for your convenience. If you are surfing the website, the page can be found under the about section. Right now, the page only covers what is in this blog article but over time the page’s content is set to grow.

You can discuss the project in its own category on the Harrowed World community forum here.

Below are a number of UI (User Interface) mock-ups. Please note these are simply attempts to capture the intended feel of the UI and are at best rough. Any images used are simply placeholders. More mock-ups may be added over time.

Harrowed World books are still very much on the cards, Project Nightowl will simply be another part of the very same world.

If you’d have been on the mailing list, you’d have found about this a week ago.